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My Name Is Randy Lorenzo I'm the Author of "Pinoy Networker The Secret Reveled"
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If you want to Learn How to use and How to Leverage The Power of the Internet to build your Network Marketing Business and finally get all the results that you want, then I want to share with you some of the strategies I personally use to sponsor dozens and dozens of new downlines on a monthly basis, and create fast & massive duplication in my team... But before that, Let me share with you a little bit about myself.. 

"About Me" 

I'm A family man with 3 kids I love rock and classic rock music and play a guitar, i'd spent time a lot of time reading books, Learning from great guru's   specially from authors and Guru's like Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, Mike Dillard and one pinoy Guru's Eduardo Reformina, i also love to spend my time to my kids and my wife while doing this

"My Story"

A couple of years ago I was in the Corporate world fro almost 10 Years in Service as Production Crew in Car manufacturing here in the philipines, that time i was very tired of being Employee Becuase I work hard with over time but Still i ain't got my Goal, a Friend of mine Introuduce me a netowrk marketing or ML:M company and it was the start that i found the book of RIch Dad Poor Dad author by Robert kiyosaki, and  After reading that brilliant book, a big shift of course happened to my life and it transform me to who I am today. A guy with a very entrepreneurial spirit and has a hunger for learning more in developing my self. 

When I was just starting with my Network Marketing Business, I struggle so hard. I face so many rejections, wasted a lot of efforts, wasted a lot of time and money. I can't figure out why I was failing even I did everything I was told to do. Everyone is telling me to do Traditional way of Network Marketing like Prospect Listing, Inviting my "KKK" (Kaibigan, Kamag Anak, Kakilala), Home Presentation, One on One Table Talk, Handing Out Flyers in Streets and Malls, Approaching Strangers (Pusakalan) and so much more. It was tiring and time consuming. Then i found Mike Dillard the internet Guru's and Book Of Dale Carnegie

"The Solution"

After failing so hard, I started to look for answers on the INTERNET. I started Educating my self BIG time. Read lot's of books, digested so many training, and most importantly, met many Coaches and Mentors. For my own opinion having Mentors to guide you in any business is very Important. Not only it will speed up your learning curve but you will also be guided on what things to avoid.

In studying Internet Network Marketing, I Learned 2 very important skills, first How to generate endless number of highly qualified prospects and I learned how to attract prospects to me instead of me chasing and hunting them down. This 2 skills solve my problems and turned my business around. By Combining the power of the internet and Online Marketing Strategy I'm on my quest to build my business and achieve Time and Financial Freedom.

"My Intentions"

One of my deepest passion is helping other people like you succeed by sharing you all the knowledge and skills that I've learned and will learn and hopefully inspire and empower you in your business journey, to unlock your untapped and hidden potentials that will bring positive results for you and to those people around you. 

I believe that in order for us to be successful we need to be willing to help others as well to find success. If you are ready to learn effective online strategies to build your network marketing business, Download my eBook at

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Randy Lorenzo

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