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Instant Success

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"Become a Millionaire!"

"Make Money 24 Hours a Day"


"Instant Success!"


The headlines are certainly enticing, especially in today's troubled economic climate. The idea of making money right away without any special skills or major investment appeals to the immediate need, while the promise of residual income appeals to the desire to not end up in your current financial position ever again. And some highly reputable companies have been built on this marketing & distribution structure... Avon, Mary Kay, Excel Communications, and more. But then there's the down side... "Do I really want to pitch this to all my friends?" "Can I actually make money at it?" "How do I know it's not a scam?"


If you're considering an MLM, CDM, or network marketing opportunity, ask these six questions to determine whether a network, multi-level, or consumer direct marketing is worth your while (and your money).


Who is your upline? Take it all the way to the top. What do you know about the person who introduced you to the opportunity? Can you trust what they tell you? Are they willing to divulge exactly how much they've been making? And what about the founders of the company (assuming it's a newer company)? Have they been successful and reputable in their previous businesses? Investigate your entire upline just like you would a business partner you'd never met before.


What is the product? Is it something that would sell well in a retail store or via other traditional marketing and distribution channels? What's the competition like? How convincing are you going to have to be in order to sign up customers? If you're not an experienced salesperson, don't expect to become one overnight. You're going to have to become an evangelist for the product, so make sure you believe in it.


When will you start actually making money? Don't fall for the line that it takes months or even years to show a profit. You should be able to recoup any investment and start earning income within just a few weeks if there's really demand for the product. Making a living at it is another story. You need to be able to work it part-time in addition to other steadier income sources. Will you realistically be able to do that with this company?


Where is the product being promoted and where can you promote it? Is the company doing advertising and publicity of its own to help create demand for the product? And what restrictions are there on where and how you can promote it (advertising, web sites, etc.). There's not a right or wrong answer to that question - a wide open policy is more flexible for you, but for everyone else, too. If you're prepared to be highly competitive, that's fine, but if not, you may prefer to work with a company whose policy is more restrictive.


How were you recruited? Were you recruited primarily as a customer, with just a mention of "income opportunity", or was the primary pitch about the business opportunity? The ethical way to build a downline is to sign people up as customers first, and then if they like the product, they'll be drawn to become a rep. A hard-sell on signing up as a rep right at the outset should send up a red flag for you.


Why are you doing this? This is perhaps the most important question of all. If you're doing it because you think it's going to help you out of a cash crunch, forget it. If you're doing it because you think you're going to be rich in a year, well, it's fine to have a vision, but don't bank on it. On the other hand, if you really believe in the product, that gives you the best likelihood of success with it.


There are no absolute right and wrong answers to these questions. The point is to make sure that you're going into it with your eyes wide open. Many people have made a lot of money in network marketing, MLM, and consumer direct marketing, but many more have ended up wasting a whole lot of time and money chasing a pipe dream.

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How To Escape The Rat Race?

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Are You Stuck In The Rat Race?

Are you one of those... "I got to work very hard and long hour till late evening everyday. My working schedule is very pressurizing and full of meetings, conference calls, deadlines, deliverables, phone calls, etc. When I reach home, most of the time, I miss the family's dinner time and feel dead tired. Even though on vacation, I receive work-related phone calls. However, I can't stop it because I got to keep working to earn money to pay bills. I struggle at managing both my life and work." Then, you need to know what is rat race?

Accordingly to Wikipedia, rat race is a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit. It is just like a rat trying to escape whilst running around a maze or in a wheel. It is a term often used to describe work or excessive work in particular. If one works, one is in the rat race. This terminology contains implications that many people see work as a seemingly endless pursuit with little reward or purpose.

Tip#1 Power Your Dream To Success

It is just like Ratatouille - Anyone can cook!

How to escape rat race?

The first strategy we need to escape the rat race is to have a powerful dream that drives us forward. Those who have successfully escaped from the day-to-day mundane life of being caught in a rut have done so because they have had a dream for something better!

If we don't have bold, daring and imaginative dreams then we are just not being realistic in life!

The reason so many people stuck in the rat race is that they have simply given up on their dreams in life. Before we can successfully make a great escape we need to have a dream.

So what are our dreams? What are our goals in life?

How can we acquire an expanded view of possibility for us and our family?

Answer these questions and we are well and truly on our ways to raise ourselves above our present circumstances. Get excited about our dreams and we will develop an internal drive to take action to achieve our dreams. Expand our dreams even further and we will become unstoppable when obstacles get in our ways.

We can find numerous ways to create a residual walk away income for life that would give us both time freedom and financial freedom but chances are without a powerful dream we would never do anything about it!

So, all success in life starts with a dream! One of the way to start a dream is goal setting.

The first thing I would do is write a list of 100 things that we would like to Have, Do and Be in our life. This would be an excellent place for us to start right now!

Imagine for a moment that both time and money was no object in our life.

What would we have in our life?

What would our dream home likely to be?

What car would we drive?

What other toys and material possession would we acquire?

What about the things we would do in life?

Remember that time and money in life are no obstacle so what would we do?

Just go wild for a moment and write down as many ideas as we can.

And finally who would we become?

As a person, what characteristics would we like to acquire?

What personality traits and roles would we take on?

Write down all of our dreams in life see if we can make a list of 100 things we would like to Have, Do and Be in life!

Once we have made a list of things we would like to do, just imagine and have as many images as we can that represent our dreams.

Surround ourselves with these images and begin to imagine our life being complete with all of our dreams turned into reality from there, it is simply a matter of the right vehicle to manifest our dreams.

All success in life starts with a dream - it is the starting point of escaping the rat race to achieve financial freedom!

Stop Trading Our Time For Money! Escape The Rat Race Prison For Good

The greatest trap of the rat race is the trading of hours for dollars. As long as our only wealth creation strategy involves trading of our time for money, the more trapped we will be in the rat race.

Thus, the second tips to escape the rat race is to STOP trading our time for money!

I am not suggesting that we should all quit your job today but we should begin immediately to create an additional or multiple income (esp passive income) streams that gives us greater leverage than our job does.

As long as your income is dependent on the hours you spend earning it, you will never have time or financial freedom. So, no matter how much money you earn in your career or business you will never have your dream lifestyle because you will not be able to fully appreciate the financial success that you have.

As an employee, we are in a terrible position we are stuck deep in the rat race because we are trading our hour for money!

Decide today that we will no longer trade our time for money directly in future. Make the decision that we will look for a business that allows us to take advantage of our third tips. It is vital to getting out of the rat race!

7 Habits Highly Effective For Network Marketer

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Habit # 1 – Be Proactive
Being proactive means being an analyst of one's own self. A person who is proactive will be able to rationalize decisions about self and
implement only those that have a chance to benefit self and others. Network marketers need to sniff out opportunities that are really appropriate to them. This needs proactive skill.

Habit # 2 – Begin with the End in Mind
As a network marketer, what are you looking at gaining? What are your limits? How far do you wish to go? Do you have a specific target? When you have the answers to such specific questions in mind, i.e. when you have the end in mind, you will be able to move toward that position in a more focused manner.

Habit # 3 – Put First Things First
This is about prioritizing things. When you put first things first, you are making an informed decision of how you need to move about in your network marketing business. You might wish to build your network with a few people first and then move on improving it with better policies and decisions.

Habit # 4 – Think Win-Win
This always works because you are thinking of benefits for all. Why should a person join your network? If you are able to show them how they will benefit too, they will be more confident about moving ahead with you. But if there are self-interests, the venture is not going to proceed much further.

Habit # 5 – Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood
If there are problems along the way, the best approach is to try and find out why the problems have occurred. It is best to put yourself in the shoes of the other person and think. This helps greatly in the network marketing business because it helps to keep mutual respect alive. This is what helps in taking everyone ahead.

Habit # 6 – Synergize
A collective thought is always better than an individual thought. Nowhere can this be truer than in the network marketing world. A network grows only when they put heads together and make decisions. This is the most important trait of a highly effective and successful business.

Habit # 7 – Sharpen the Saw
You need to keep sharpening your body and your network. This is done through spiritual, mental and physical growth. Developing interpersonal relationships also help in keeping the network more fruitful, and nowhere can this be more befitting than in the network marketing world.